Sunday, June 24, 2012

New platform aims to make video easy for healthcare

SEATTLE, WA – Another cloud-based product made itself known to the healthcare industry on Wednesday. Experts say the platform will allow for efficient and affordable uploading, storing and distributing of videos on virtually any device. 

The product, dubbed mpx Essentials, was created by thePlatform, a video publishing company and independent subsidiary of Comcast. Previously focused on the entertainment industry, thePlatform is now extending its cloud-based product to the healthcare industry in hopes of procuring new success.

Tim Sale, director of technical sales and program leader of mpx Essentials, said he expects the product will take off, partly due to the increasingly ubiquitous nature of health information technology these days. 

“What we’re seeing is that healthcare providers are using video for a variety things, from virtual facility tours to patient education programs,” Sale said. “We think it will continue to expand,” because the product allows healthcare facilities to “provide a really high-end experience to their customers on any device – without requiring IT and without requiring a developer."

The product was created in response to the growing demand for cloud-based platforms, a technology catching like wildfire in the healthcare industry.

“More and more organizations are using video to communicate with their customers, employees and stakeholders, and their needs are rapidly evolving,” said Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform. 

Sale said he sees this product as a “business tool” for the healthcare industry without the need for web developers or IT professionals. “It’s not generally the focus of a healthcare service or provider to be in the business of managing video content or developing video players, so we think this product frees up resources to do other things and really simplifies how much time you spend on the service.”

Key features of mpx Essentials include: 

Ease of use: A Web-based console, with consistent blade-based navigation and customizable shortcuts; Increased video views: Mix and match play-lists with generated video lineups; Improve search and discoverability with metadata toolset and other features; Search-optimized feeds for Google and Bing, as well as a Connector for auto-publishing to a YouTube account;Custom video player designs: Choose dimensions, skins, colors, layers, social media integration (such as Facebook and Twitter), closed captioning support, and other third-party plugins; Playback across devices: Smart video players provide video playback on PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and other internet-connected devices;   Support: 24X7 customer support and content delivery network (CDN) services for storage and multi-bitrate streaming.

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