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Best Construction Stocks To Buy For 2014

When consumers blink, investors get nervous. That's the simple message from today's early stock-market moves, as the latest reading on consumer sentiment fell to levels not seen for nine months. Moreover, with retail sales falling 0.4% last month and previous readings revised downward, consumers are clearly feeling a bit overextended in light of uncertainties regarding employment, government spending, and general economic growth. The impact on stocks was fairly muted, but it nevertheless pulled the Dow Jones Industrials (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) off their record highs for a loss of 53 points, or 0.36%, by 10:55 a.m. EDT. The S&P 500 has suffered a larger decrease of 0.73%.

Somewhat surprisingly, though, that negative sentiment didn't make its way into consumer and retail stocks. Hope improvement retailer Home Depot (NYSE: HD  ) was the biggest gainer in the Dow early on, rising 1.6% and hitting another all-time high after getting an upgrade from analyst firm Jefferies. The environment for construction-related stocks has been so strong in light of the rebound in housing that former Home Depot division HD Supply filed for a $1 billion initial public offering, having gone private back in 2007. The enthusiasm suggests that investors aren't convinced that weak consumer sentiment will persist for long.

Top 10 Computer Hardware Stocks To Watch For 2015: Aegion Corp (AEGN)

Aegion Corporation, incorporated on August 17, 2011, is engaged in infrastructure protection, providing technologies and services to protect against the corrosion of industrial pipelines and for the rehabilitation and strengthening of sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems and buildings, bridges, tunnels and waterfront structures. The Company operates in five segments: Energy and Mining, North American Sewer and Water Rehabilitation, European Sewer and Water Rehabilitation, Asia-Pacific Sewer and Water Rehabilitation and Commercial and Structural. The Company�� business activities include manufacturing, distribution, installation, coating and insulation, cathodic protection, research and development and licensing. Its products and services are utilized and performed in more than 100 countries across six continents. The Company offers solutions for rehabilitating aging or deteriorating infrastructure and protecting new infrastructure from corrosion. In June 2013, Aegion Corporation announced that it has sold its 50% interest in Insituform Rohrsanierungstechniken GmbH (Insituform-Germany) to Per Aarsleff A/S. In July 2013, Aegion Corp announced that it has completed the acquisition of Brinderson, L.P.

In March 2012, the Company organized United Special Technical Services LLC (USTS), a joint venture located in the Sultanate of Oman between United Pipeline Systems and Special Technical Services LLC (STS), for the purpose of executing pipeline, piping and flow line high-density polyethylene lining services throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. United Pipeline Systems holds a 51% equity interest in USTS and STS holds the remaining 49% equity interest. In November 2012, the Company acquired the shares of its joint venture partner, SPML Infra Limited (SPML), an unaffiliated Indian contractor, in Insituform Pipeline Rehabilitation Private Limited (Insituform-India) in order to continue to pursue business opportunities in India involving CIPP installations and third party tube! sales, as well as to promote its other products and services. In January 2012, the Company purchased Fyfe Group�� Latin American operations (Fyfe LA), which included all of the equity interests of Fyfe Latin America S.A., a Panamanian entity (and its interest in various joint ventures located in Peru, Costa Rica, Chile and Colombia), Fyfe Latin America S.A. de C.V., an El Salvadorian entity, and Fibrwrap Construction Latin America S.A., a Panamanian entity. In April 2012, the Company purchased Fyfe Group�� Asian operations (Fyfe Asia), which included all of the equity interests of Fyfe Asia Pte. Ltd, a Singaporean entity (and its interest in two joint ventures located in Borneo and Indonesia), Fyfe (Hong Kong) Limited, Fibrwrap Construction (M) Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian entity, Fyfe Japan Co. Ltd and Fibrwrap Construction Pte. Ltd and Technologies & Art Pte. Ltd., Singaporean entities.

Energy and Mining

The Company�� energy and mining operations provide rehabilitation and corrosion protection services for industrial, mineral, oil and gas piping systems and structures. The Company also offers products for gas release and leak detection systems. Its worldwide energy and mining operations are headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri. These operations are conducted through its various subsidiaries (United Pipeline Systems based in Durango, Colorado, Bayou based in New Iberia, Louisiana, Corrpro based in Houston, Texas, CRTS based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Hockway based in the United Arab Emirates). Certain of its energy and mining operations outside of the United States are conducted through its wholly owned subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates and through its joint ventures in Canada, Mexico, Oman, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

United Pipeline Systems performs pipeline rehabilitation services using its Tite Liner process. Its Bayou business performs internal and external pipeline coating, lini! ng, weigh! ting and insulation services, as well as specialty fabrication services for offshore deep water installations, including project management and logistics. Its Corrpro business performs fully-integrated corrosion prevention services including: engineering; product and material sales; construction and installation; inspection, monitoring and maintenance; andcoatings. Its CRTS business specializes in the application of internal and external corrosion coatings services and equipment for new pipeline construction projects. Its Hockway business performs cathodic protection, engineering and design, manufacturing, maintenance and installation services to the oil and gas markets.

Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation Operations

The Company�� sewer rehabilitation activities are conducted principally through installation and other construction operations performed directly by its subsidiaries. In certain geographic regions, the Company has granted licenses to unaffiliated companies. Its North American Water and Wastewater operations, including research and development, engineering, training and financial support systems, are headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri. During the year ended December 31. 2012, tube manufacturing and processing facilities for North America were maintained in eight locations, geographically dispersed throughout the United States and Canada.

The Company also conducts Insituform CIPP process rehabilitation operations worldwide through its wholly owned subsidiaries and through direct and indirect joint venture relationships. The results from these operations are included in its European Water and Wastewater and Asia-Pacific Water and Wastewater operating segments, as appropriate. The Company utilize multifunctional robotic devices developed by its French subsidiary in connection with the inspection and repair of pipelines. The Company also maintain a manufacturing facility in Wellingborough, United Kingdom to support European operations and through wh! ich the C! ompany sell liners to third parties.

Commercial and Structural Operations

The Company�� commercial and structural operations perform rehabilitation and strengthening of pipelines, buildings, bridges, tunnels and waterfront structures throughout the United States and Canada through Fibrwrap Construction Services, headquartered in Ontario, California, in its Asian markets through Its wholly owned subsidiaries and through Its joint ventures in Borneo and Indonesia and in its Latin American markets through its joint ventures in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Through Fyfe Co., headquartered in San Diego, California, the Company designs and manufactures the FRP composite systems used in these applications. It�� wholly owned Fyfe entities located in El Salvador, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong and its Fyfe joint ventures in Borneo and Indonesia, provide product and engineering services throughout Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Its licensee in Greece provides product and services throughout the Middle East and Europe.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Rich Duprey]

    Infrastructure protection specialist Aegion (NASDAQ: AEGN  ) announced yesterday that it was acquiring maintenance, contraction, and engineering firm�Brinderson for $150 million and that the deal will close on July 1.

  • [By Damian Illia]

    Finally, I always like to see one of the most important financial ratios applying to stockholders, the best measure of performance for a firm's management: the return on equity. The ratio has decreased when compared to its ROE from the same quarter one year prior. This is a signal of major weakness. Moreover, it is worse than those shown in the table like Aegion Corporation (AEGN), EnerNOC Inc. (ENOC), MYR GroupInc. (MYRG) and Pike Corporation (PIKE).

  • [By Alexis Xydias]

    The ISEQ Index (ISEQ) in Ireland and the ASE Index in Greece, the first two nations to receive European Union-led bailouts, have soared more than 28 percent this year to lead gains among 18 national benchmarks in western Europe. Dublin-based Independent News & Media Plc (INM) and Athens-based Aegean Airlines SA (AEGN) rose the most, with jumps of more than 180 percent. Germany�� DAX Index (DAX) has advanced 18 percent in 2013, reaching a record.

  • [By CRWE]

    Aegion Corporation (Nasdaq:AEGN) reported the award today of two subcontracts for its Malaysian subsidiary, Insituform Linings Asia Sdn Bhd, with a total value of approximately $9.3 million (USD).

Best Construction Stocks To Buy For 2014: Arcadis NV (ARCAD)

Arcadis NV is a Netherlands-based international engineering and consultancy firm, providing consultancy, design, engineering and management services in infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. The Company develops, designs, implements, maintains and operates projects for companies and governments. The Company divides its business into four business lines: Infrastructure, which encompasses services for transportations, land development, energy and mining; Water, focused on water planning, wastewater and water management and consulting services; Environment, focused on activities that protect the environment and enhance sustainability, and Buildings, related to homebuilding as well as commercial and industrial buildings and facilities construction. Additionally, it works in partnership with UN-HABITAT, the United Nations agency for human settlements. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Sofia Horta e Costa]

    Companies like Expedia Inc. (EXPE), which provides online travel booking services, and Arcadis NV (ARCAD), a Dutch designer of bridges and dikes, are likely to increase profit at a faster pace than larger firms during an improving economy, Duret said. Smaller companies are also less leveraged, with U.S. mid-caps holding 46 percent less debt per share than firms listed on the S&P 500, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Best Construction Stocks To Buy For 2014: Societe Libanaise des Ciments Blancs SAL (CBN)

Societe Libanaise des Ciments Blancs SAL is a Lebanon-based joint stock company that operates in the construction materials industry sector. The Company is engaged in the production and sale of white cement. The Company is a 65.99% owned by Holcim (Liban) SAL. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By CanadianValue]

    Nigeria�� reformed banking system has provided many foreigners with an attractive means to invest in the fast-growing domestic economy. The banking industry is important, not only because of the rise of microfinance, but because of the move by banks into consumer banking. Until recently, banks were mainly financing large businesses or the government through bond purchases. Following a banking crisis in 2008, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) conducted an audit of the commercial banking sector. All banks that failed the audit had their CEOs replaced. The state-owned Asset Management Corporation (AMCON) was created to purchase non-performing loans and recapitalize the unhealthy banks. A recent review of the country�� banks by the IMF showed a dramatic increase in profits for the industry in 2012, while the capital adequacy ratio was above the minimum requirement of 10% and non-performing loans were below the mandated threshold of 5%5.

Best Construction Stocks To Buy For 2014: Grana y Montero SAA (GRAM)

Grana y Montero SAA is a Peru-based holding company primarily engaged in the four business areas: Construction and Engineering Industry, Real Estate, Oil Services, and Operation of Public Concessions and Business Support Services. Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides such services as the development and management of real estate properties and leisure facilities; the exploration, production and sale of oil, natural gas and its derivates; the storage and distribution of combustibles; information technology services; engineering consultancy; the operation and maintenance of rails and roads concessions; as well as the execution and management of projects related to the generation of electric power; among others. The Company owns such subsidiaries as GMD SA, Concar SA, Survial SA, Norvial SA and Promotores Asociados de Inmobiliarios SA, among others. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By alicet236]

    Grana y Montero SAA (GRAM) Reached the Five-Year Low of $20.90

    The prices of Grana y Montero SAA (GRAM) shares have declined to close to the five-year low of $20.90, which is 17.3% off the five-year high of $22.14. Grana y Montero SAA is owned by four Gurus we are tracking. Among them, four have added to their positions during the past quarter. Zero reduced their positions. Grana y Montero SAA was established in Peru on August 12, 1996 as a result of the equity spin-off of Inversiones GyM S. Grana Y Montero Saa has a market cap of $2.75 billion; its shares were traded at around $20.90 with a P/E ratio of 24.60 and P/S ratio of 1.24.

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